Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision, Mission & Goals 2017-10-12T16:07:51+00:00

Vision:  To create platforms and partnerships that inspire positive growth for youth and their families.

Mission:  To encourage and assist school-aged children to reach their full potential in life through positive mentorship and self-empowerment with community support.


  1. Provide unique opportunities for youth that will motivate self-empowerment for positive decision-making and improve academic performance.
  2. Provide free haircuts to the youth as a means to encourage them to have self-respect.
  3. Coordinate community action and support for programs that address community issues and promote self-determination for the well-being of youth, families, and community.
  4. Nurture and support the well-being of the youth by creating positive interpersonal relationships through community outreach projects.
  5. Create resources, share strategies and build networks that will empower communities across the United States to reach positive community goals with a focus on the youth.
  6. Motivate educational excellence and understanding in youth.

Support teachers, parents and community events.