Free Fades & Braids

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Fades & Braids:

Fades & Braids is a free service that is provided throughout the year to school age children.  B.A.B.Y., Inc. travels to communities to provide free hair services for children to promote images of self-respect and nuture self-esteem & confidence.

Cost of Program: Funding for Fades & Braids is used to cover the costs of transportation, basic necessities for volunteers away from home, equipment & hair products.  The cost required to accomplish Fades & Braids is adjustible according to the amount of time required and distance of the location as follows:

Locations 45 min to 2 Hours Travel Time = $500 to $800*

Locations 5 Hours to 8 Hours Travel Time = $1,500 to $2,500*

Locations 10 Hours to 14 Hours Travel Time = $3,000 – $5,000*

*Prices Are Estimates Based On Previous Costs Associated With Fades & Braids